Verification Program

Qualifying Clients

Our verification program enables access to exclusive product offerings and payment options. Qualifying clients are experienced researchers interested in the following:
  • Life science, biochemistry, and neuroscience research
  • Bulk quantity and exclusive product offers
  • Long term cooperation
Clients who meet the these criteria will be eligible after additional verification.

Get started easily

Below you will find a link to our verification form. Complete this form, we will review it within 1-3 business days. After review you will receive an email detailing your approval or rejection. On approval you will be granted access to exclusive product offerings. On rejection you will be provided an explanation. If there was a clerical error we will allow you to resubmit. Thank you for your interest and cooperation. This program helps us improve offerings for all clients.

Frequently asked questions

Can international clients apply?

All clients are welcome to our verification program.

Why should I become verified?

Do you want access to exclusive deals and product offers?