Frequently Asked Questions

When does my package ship and how long does delivery take?

Please review the following page to understand our shipping process:
Shipping & Returns

Where is my package and what is the current status?

Please visit the following page to look up your order tracking:
Track My Order

You should start receiving tracking updates via email within 1-3 business of placing your order. To avoid confusion we wait until after the courier has scanned the package to send tracking information. This can take an additional business day.

If the tracking says the package was delivered but you have not received it – check with your neighbors. Couriers sometimes drop off packages at the wrong house or mailbox. If you live in a complex check with the front desk or mailroom. If you still can’t find it, please contact the courier and ask them about it. They have GPS coordinates for the delivery scan and can verify where it was last. If the package seems lost or stolen please contact us at [email protected]

Why hasn't my order shipped after 3 business days?

Large wholesale orders may require additional processing time, we will notify you within 1-2 business days if this is the case.

There may also be delays with back stock items. We mark product listings out of stock as soon as possible but there are logistical and technical reasons why we may not update the website in time. In that case we will alert you within 1 business day and explain when we expect a restock, offer you the opportunity to cancel part of your order and then ship the remaining items.

Suggestions for handling and measurement?

For powders we recommend a precise milligram scale. We recommend you weigh the product on receipt to confirm weight.

For solutions we recommend a graduated pipette or syringe which can be found in our lab supplies catalog.

What size scoop is this?

If you received a complimentary scoop it is for transport only. How much powder a scoop holds depends on the powder’s density. Since powder can have a varying density we strongly recommend measuring with a precise milligram scale or creating a solution for volumetric measurement.

Are your products authentic/pure?

Yes, we verify every batch of every product with a reputable third party laboratory.

Our products are manufactured by CROs and large scale chemical manufacturers. When we decide to carry a product we search for suppliers, vet several of them and request samples from the most reputable. If the samples are consistent we make a larger order. Once we receive a raw material we put it in our QC room and evaluate it organoleptically. If it passes we send a sample to an independent third party lab for analysis. Our methods are designed by PhDs in analytic and organic chemistry. If the lab reports match our specifications we OK the product for distribution.

If any of that process fails we start all over.

Where do you source raw materials?

The majority of our raw materials are synthesized by large scale manufacturers, typically Chinese. Some are sourced from European and American manufacturers. There is justifiable concern about foreign manufacturers, particularly in China where regulations are lax. The modern API industry, like most manufacturing industries, is dominated by China. It is highly likely any industrial, nutraceutical or pharmaceutical product you are working with was processed in China. This is not a concern as long as your vendor is conducting third party analysis. You should always demand evidence of third party analysis from your vendor.

Several other materials are sourced domestically, including solvents, packaging and containers.

What is this product's shelf life?

Shelf life is variable and no data is available for many products. However, based on thermodynamic properties it’s expected most products will last several years when tightly sealed and kept away from heat, light and moisture. If this is not the case we indicate otherwise and we are constantly refining our data by conducting analysis on long term stored batches.

Human use/ingestion?

Our products are not approved for medical use or for the treatment, prevention, diagnosis, or cure of any disease or illness. We encourage our clients to seek qualified legal counsel in reviewing their potential uses of our products, but we cannot provide such counsel ourselves.

Do you ship to my country?

Yes we ship worldwide!

How do you handle returns?

You can read more about our return policy here: