Frequently Asked Questions

How long does delivery take?

We’ve written an article about shipping time here:

Where is my package?

You should receive a tracking number within a few days of placing your order. Sometimes it ends up in the junk folder.

To avoid confusion we wait until after the courier has scanned in the package to send the tracking information. This can take an additional 1-2 days.

If the tracking says the package was delivered but you have not received it – check with your neighbors. Couriers often drop packages off at the wrong house or mail box. If you still can’t find it, please contact the courier for which you received a tracking number and ask them about it. If the package was lost or stolen or the courier is uncooperative please contact us at and explain the situation. We are happy to help.

Why hasn't (part of) my order shipped?

As mentioned in our shipping policy page we ship within 1-2 days. And we send an email with tracking information when the courier scans in the package, this can often take an additional 1-2 days. Sometimes the tracking email ends up in the junk folder.

If some or all of your order has not shipped it is nothing to be alarmed about. It’s possible one of the products is on backorder or awaiting verification by our QC team. It will usually ship within one week. One reason we can offer competitive pricing is that our inventory tightly hugs demand and this can result in occasional backorders.

How do I work with or measure the compound?

Reagent compounds can be difficult to work with, often requiring measurement in milligrams. A milligram scale will be required and a reagent should always be weighed on receipt to verify the correct amount was received.

What size scoop is this?

With some products we provide a complimentary transport scoop. The size of the scoop varies depending on the product. How much compound a scoop holds depends on the compound’s density. Since powder can have a varying density we strongly recommend measuring with a precise milligram scale or creating a solution for volumetric measurement.

Are your products authentic/pure?

Yes, we verify every batch of every product with third party analysis.

Our products are manufactured by CROs (contract research organizations) and where possible, product scale manufacturers. When we decide to carry a product we search for manufacturers and vet several of them. After they prove they’re reputable we order samples and check their consistency. If they’re consistent we make a larger order. Before every order we require they do certain analysis and that it meets our specification. Once we receive the product we put it in our QC room and send a sample to a third party lab for additional analysis. If the lab’s results match the manufacturer’s then we pass the product for distribution.

If any of that process fails we start all over.

Where do you source your products?

The short answer is around the world.

The majority of our products are synthesized by primary manufacturers, typically Chinese and often Western as well. There is concern about the quality of foreign manufacturers, particularly those in China. The modern API industry, like most manufacturing industries, is dominated by China. It is highly likely any herbal, nutritional or pharmaceutical product you are using was manufacturered in China. This is nothing to worry about so long as your vendor is conducting third party analysis. You should always demand evidence of third party analysis from your vendor.

What is this product's shelf life?

Shelf life is highly variable and not standardized with API reagents like those we sell. However, it’s expected that storing a compound in a dark place, tightly sealed and at the appropriate temperature should yield a shelf life of several years.

Human use/ingestion?

Do not believe product claims about these compounds. They are not approved for human use and scientific research is very different from clinical use. If you are planning to consume them please understand there are substantial risks. Always consult your physician and the available research. We cannot condone human use and will not provide any instruction.

Do you ship to my country?

Yes we ship worldwide!

How do you handle returns?

You can read more about our return policy here: